Urban Economics Association

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9th European Meeting of the Urban Economics Association

by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
May 31 - June 1, 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Call for Papers

The Urban Economics Association (UEA) invites the submission of high quality papers dealing with the economics of cities, housing, real estate, transportation, local public good provision, the spatial distribution of activities, economic geography, and urban or regional policy. The Urban Economics Association seeks to promote participation and excellence in academic research in urban and regional economics.

The 2019 European meeting will be hosted by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For more information, please visit the conference website at: http://www.urbaneconomics.org/meetings/emuea2019/

Keynote Speakers: Alan Manning (LSE) and Diego Puga (CEMFI).

Local Organizer: Hans Koster, Jos van Ommeren, Jan Rouwendal (VU Amsterdam).

Program Committee: Elisabet Viladecans (Barcelona, Chair), Miren Lafourcade (Paris, Past Chair), Giacomo Ponzetto (CREI, Vice Chair), Pierre-Phillipe Combes (Sciences Po), Max von Ehrlich (Bern), Gabrielle Fack (Paris Dauphine), Ines Helm (Stockholm), Camille Hémet (Ecole Normale Superieure), Guy Michaels (LSE), Joan Monras (CEMFI), Olmo Silva (LSE), Helen Simpson (Bristol), Lin Tian (INSEAD), Nick Tsivanidis (Berkeley).

Submission: Please submit your paper or extended abstract through the online submission form at https://editorialexpress.com/conference/emuea2019/.

Submission Deadline: February 11, 2019.

We encourage potential presenters to submit complete 4-paper sessions. This provides an opportunity to network with colleagues and shape your session in the way you find most appealing. Papers in complete sessions will still be vetted individually as the scientific committee reserves the right to regroup papers with other sessions. To submit a complete 4-paper session please first submit each paper through the conference maker website and then send the proposed session, including names and paper titles to emuea2019@urbaneconomics.org. We also encourage submitters to consider including in proposed complete sessions papers by researchers whose primary affiliation is in an allied field (labour, public, trade, development, etc.) but where the paper has clear and strong relevance to urban economists.

Individual submissions will continue to be accepted and placed in sessions by the program committee. We do accept the submission of extended abstracts. However, all else equal, preference will be given to completed papers. You will be notified around March 11, 2019 whether your session or paper is accepted.

Kraks Fond Prize: If you are a current full-time PhD student and would like your paper to be considered for the Kraks Fond Prize, please choose the area "Prize for Best Student Paper" when submitting your paper. A paper is eligible only if all (co-)authors are full-time PhD students at the date of the conference. A shortlist of student papers will be presented in special prize sessions. See more details at http://kraksfondbyforskning.dk/en/kraks-fond-prize-emuea/.

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