Urban Economics Association

11th Meeting of the Urban Economics Association

at the 63rd Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI)
November 9-12, 2016
Minneapolis, MN

Programme Committee: Yves Zenou (Monash, chair), Morris Davis (Rutgers) and Laurent Gobillon (Paris).

Conference Program

01A. Thursday 8:00-10:00. Location, Regional Integration and Regional Policies (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Simon Ray

01B. Thursday 8:00-10:00. Transportation I (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: Kenzo Asahi

01C. Thursday 8:00-10:00. Housing and Real Estate (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: Thom Malone

02A. Thursday 1:30-3:30. Ethnic Minorities, Discrimination and Segregation (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Stephen L Ross

02B. Thursday 1:30-3:30. Spatial Economic Theory I (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: Takatoshi Tabuchi

02C. Thursday 1:30-3:30. Housing I (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: Stephen Billings

02D. Thursday 1:30-3:30. Urbanization and Housing (Calhoun)

Chair: Stuart Gabriel

03A. Thursday 4:00-6:00. Transportation and Congestion (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Gilles Duranton

03B. Thursday 4:00-6:00. Crime (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: David C Phillips

03C. Thursday 4:00-6:00. China (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: Wei Xiao

04A. Friday 8:00-10:00. Location and Neighborhoods (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Keren Mertens Horn

04B. Friday 8:00-10:00. Cities in developing countries (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: Qinghua Zhang

04C. Friday 8:00-10:00. Transportation II (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: Jeffrey Lin

05A. Friday 10:30-12:30. Spatial Labor Markets I (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Hans R.A. Koster

05B. Friday 10:30-12:30. Networks and Social Interactions (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: Maximilian von Ehrlich

05C. Friday 10:30-12:30. Neighborhood Effects (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: Edward Coulson

05D. Friday 10:30-12:30. Agglomeration, Growth, Labor and Crime (Calhoun)

Chair: Matthew Freedman

06A. Friday 1:30-3:30. Urban Policies (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Amy Ellen Schwartz

06B. Friday 1:30-3:30. Spatial Economic Theory II (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: Yannis M. Ioannides

06C. Friday 1:30-3:30. Environmental Issues (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: James Siodla

07A. Friday 4:00-6:00. Empirics of Agglomeration (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Stuart Rosenthal

07B. Friday 4:00-6:00. Spatial Economic Theory III (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: Yasuhiro Sato

07C. Friday 4:00-6:00. Education, Labor and Segregation (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: Arthur O`Sullivan

08A. Saturday 8:00-10:00. Taxation and Local Public Finance (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Michael Suher

08B. Saturday 8:00-10:00. Housing II (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: John Clapp

08C. Saturday 8:00-10:00. Tourism, Amenities and Consumption in Cities (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: Christian A.L. Hilber

09A. Saturday 10:30-12:30. Gentrification and urban policies (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Henry G. Overman

09B. Saturday 10:30-12:30. Spatial Labor Markets II (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: Jordan Rappaport

09C. Saturday 10:30-12:30. Local Public Good and Taxation (Spring Park Bay)

Chair: Kurt Schmidheiny

10A. Saturday 2:45-4:45. Homeownership (Excelsior Bay)

Chair: Felipe Carozzi

10B. Saturday 2:45-4:45. Housing III (Wayzata Bay)

Chair: Stephen Sheppard