Urban Economics Association

7th Meeting of the Urban Economics Association

At the 59th Annual North American Meetings
of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI)
November 7-10, 2012
Ottawa, Canada

Programme Committee: Matthew A. Turner (Toronto), Jan K. Brueckner (UC Irvine) and Maria M. Ferreyra (Carnegie Mellon).

Conference Program

01A. Thu 8:00-10:00. Agglomeration 1 (Governor General I)

Chair: Tomoya Mori

01B. Thu 8:00-10:00. Policy Impacts (Governor General II)

Chair: Leo Feler

01C. Thu 8:00-10:00. Behavior of Housing Markets (Governor General III)

Chair: William Strange

01D. Thu 8:00-10:00. Topics in Urban Economics (Provinces I)

Chair: Brian Adams

02A. Thu 13:30-15:30. Knowledge Spillovers (Governor General I)

Chair: Max Nathan

02B. Thu 13:30-15:30. Congestion (Governor General II)

Chair: Matthew Turner

02C. Thu 13:30-15:30. Urban Land Use (Governor General III)

Chair: Jan Brueckner

02D. Thu 13:30-15:30. Theory (Provinces I)

Chair: Maximilian von Ehrlich

03A. Thu 16:00-18:00. Long Run Growth (Governor General I)

Chair: Shawn Kantor

03B. Thu 16:00-18:00. Transportation Theory (Governor General II)

Chair: Ioannis Tikoudis

03C. Thu 16:00-18:00. Education and Neighborhood Choice (Governor General III)

Chair: Henry Pollakowski

03D. Thu 16:00-18:00. Agglomeration 2 (Provinces I)

Chair: Thomas Holmes

04A. Fri 8:00-10:00. Cities and Development (Governor General I)

Chair: Laura Hering

04B. Fri 8:00-10:00. Fuel Prices, Parking (Governor General II)

Chair: Martijn Kobus

04C. Fri 8:00-10:00. Effects of Foreclosures (Governor General III)

Chair: Yi Niu

04D. Fri 8:00-10:00. City Size Distribution (Provinces I)

Chair: Suzanne Kok

05A. Fri 10:30-12:30. Taxes and the Location of Economic Activity (Governor General I)

Chair: Elizabeth Fisher

05B. Fri 10:30-12:30. Effects of Transportation Infrastructure Investment (Governor General II)

Chair: Alex Anas

05C. Fri 10:30-12:30. Housing Finance (Governor General III)

Chair: Albert Saiz

05D. Fri 10:30-12:30. Wages and the Cost of Living (Provinces I)

Chair: David Bieri

06A. Fri 13:30-15:30. Agglomeration 3 (Governor General I)

Chair: Daniel Murphy

06B. Fri 13:30-15:30. Trade (Governor General II)

Chair: Kristian Behrens

06C. Fri 13:30-15:30. Effects of Negative Housing Equity (Governor General III)

Chair: Morris A. Davis

06D. Fri 13:30-15:30. Crime and Housing (Provinces I)

Chair: Jan Rouwendal

07. Fri 16:00-18:00. A tribute to John Quigley (Provinces I)

Chair: Vernon Henderson

08A. Sat 8:00-10:00. Human Capital in Cities (Governor General I)

Chair: Sabine D'Costa

08B. Sat 8:00-10:00. Environment (Governor General II)

Chair: Wouter Vermeulen

08C. Sat 8:00-10:00. Labor markets and Neighborhoods (Ontario)

Chair: Nathan Schiff

09A. Sat 10:30-12:30. Amenities and Culture (Governor General I)

Chair: Jeffrey Lin

09B. Sat 10:30-12:30. Public Employment and Income Transfers (Governor General II)

Chair: Antonio Accetturo

09C. Sat 10:30-12:30. Local Public Goods (Ontario)

Chair: Oded Hochman