Urban Economics Association

6th European Meeting of the Urban Economics Association

at the 56th European Congress of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI)
August 23-26, 2016
Vienna, Austria

Programme Committee: Gabriel Ahlfeldt (LSE, Chair), Kristian Behrens (UQAM Montreal) and Stephan Heblich (Bristol)

Conference Program

There are no discussants in UEA sessions.

01A. Wednesday 9:00-10:30. Urban Structure 1 (TC.3.06)

Chair: Miquel-Angel Garcia-Lopez

01B. Wednesday 9:00-10:30. Shopping and Retail (TC.3.07)

Chair: Jos Van Ommeren

02A. Wednesday 11:00-12:30. Transport 1 (TC.3.06)

Chair: Samira Barzin

02B. Wednesday 11:00-12:30. Place-Based Policies (TC.3.07)

Chair: Stephan Heblich

03A. Wednesday 14:00-15:30. Urban Policy 2 (TC.3.06)

Chair: Barry Scholnick

03B. Wednesday 14:00-15:30. Theory 1 (TC.3.07)

Chair: Sergey Kichko

04A. Wednesday 16:00-17:30. Real Estate 1 (TC.3.06)

Chair: Paul Cheshire

04B. Wednesday 16:00-17:30. Theory 2 (TC.3.07)

Chair: Rémi Lemoy

05A. Thursday 09:00-10:30. Cities and Countries (TC.3.07)

Chair: Jeffrey Zax

06A. Thursday 11:00-12:30. Epainos: Agglomeration Economies and the Labour Market (TC.3.08)

Chair: Alessandra Faggian

06B. Thursday 11:00-12:30. Epainos: Jobs and Social Networks (TC.3.09)

Chair: Stephan Heblich

06C. Thursday 11:00-12:30. Epainos: Hedonic Evaluation of Amenities (TC.4.12)

Chair: Paul Cheshire

07A. Thursday 14:00-15:30. Transport 2 (TC.3.06)

Chair: Lionel Vedrine

08A. Thursday 16:00-17:30. Urban Policy 1 (TC.3.06)

Chair: Hildegunn Stokke

08B. Thursday 16:00-17:30. Migration (TC.4.12)

Chair: Matz Dahlberg