Urban Economics Association

5th European Meeting of the Urban Economics Association

at the 55th European Congress of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI)
August 25-29, 2015
Lisbon, Portugal

Programme Committee: Gabriel Ahlfeldt (LSE), Kristian Behrens (UQAM Montreal, Chair) and Jens Suedekum (Duesseldorf)

Conference Program

There are no discussants in UEA sessions.

01A. Wednesday 11:00-13:00. Size and Place-Based Policies (Auditorium NB)

Chair: De Blasio, Guido

01B. Wednesday 11:00-13:00. Transportation 1 (Anfiteatro 1)

Chair: Pasidis, Ilias-Nikiforos

02A. Wednesday 14:00-16:00. Trade 1 (Auditorium NB)

Chair: Pflüger, Michael

02B. Wednesday 14:00-16:00. Housing and Amenities (Anfiteatro 1)

Chair: Macdonald, Jacob

03A. Wednesday 16:15-18:15. Trade 2 (Auditorium NB)

Chair: Acceturo, Antonio

03B. Wednesday 16:15-18:15. Transportation 2 (Anfiteatro 1)

Chair: D'Costa, Sabine

04A. Thursday 11:00-13:00. Labor Markets, Epainos (Delta)

Chair: Murata, Yasusada

04B. Thursday 11:00-13:00. Agglomeration, Epainos (Santander)

Chair: Behrens, Kristian

05A. Thursday 14:00-16:00. Urban Economics (Auditorium NB)

Chair: Watanabe, Hiroki

05B. Thursday 14:00-16:00. Mobility (Anfiteatro 1)

Chair: Hilber, Christian

06A. Thursday 16:15-18:15. Skills and Segregation (Auditorium NB)

Chair: Gonzales, Nicolas