Urban Economics Association

1st European Meeting of the Urban Economics Association

At the 51st European Congress of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI)
30th August - 3rd September 2011
Barcelona, Spain

Program Committee: Henry Overman (LSE), Diego Puga (IMDEA Social Sciences Institute), Kurt Schmidheiny (Basel and Pompeu Fabra) and Jacques-François Thisse (Université catholique de Louvain)

Conference Program

01A. Wed 11:00-12:45. Trade and Agglomeration (Room 10)

Chair: Steven Brakman

01B. Wed 11:00-12:45. Planning and Housing Supply (Room 11)

Chair: Wouter Vermeulen

02A. Wed 14:00-15:45. Housing and Homeownership (Room 10)

Chair: Christian Hilber

02B. Wed 14:00-15:45. Transportation (Room 11)

Chair: Ina Blind

03A. Wed 16:15-18:00. Localisation (Room 10)

Chair: Frédéric Robert-Nicoud

03B. Wed 16:15-18:00. Policy Evaluation (Room 11)

Chair: Henry Overman

04A. Thu 11:00-12:45. Agglomeration (Room 10)

Chair: Oded Hochman

04B. Thu 11:00-12:45. Migration (Room 11)

Chair: Stefan Bauernschuster

05A. Thu 16:15-18:00. Taxation and Public Goods (Room 10)

Chair: Kurt Schmidheiny

05B. Thu 16:15-18:00. Regional Transport and Subsidies (Room 11)

Chair: Ioulia Ossokina

06. Fri 14:00-15:45. Young Researchers (Room 10)

Chair: Philipp Ehrl

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