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Online Spatial and Urban Seminar — Season 2

September 14 - December 14, 2020
Monday 11:00-12.15, Eastern Time (US and Canada)

This fall, the Online Spatial and Urban Seminar (OSUS) is organizing a twice monthly online seminar series on urban economics. We aim to provide engaging seminars featuring economists from a variety of institutions, experience levels, and fields unified by an interest in urban questions.

At OSUS, we interpret "spatial and urban" broadly, recognizing that many fields utilize spatial variation and methods, and that a lot of economics takes place in cities! As such, we encourage participation from economists in fields including, but not limited to, housing, real estate, transportation, trade, local public goods provision, the spatial distribution of activities, economic geography, and urban or regional policy.


Milena Almagro (Minneapolis Fed and Chicago), Caitlin Gorback (NBER and U Texas), Charly Porcher (Dartmouth and Georgetown), Marta Santamaria (Warwick), Román David Zárate (World Bank)


September 14: Steve Redding (Princeton)
"Consumption Access and Agglomeration: Evidence from Smartphone Data"
(with Yuhei Miyauchi and Kentaro Nakajima)

September 21: Nicolas Morales (Richmond Fed)
"High-Skill Migration, Multinational Companies and the Location of Economic Activity"

October 5: Sophie Calder-Wang (Wharton)
"The Distributional Impact of the Sharing Economy on the Housing Market"

October 19: Devaki Ghose (World Bank)
"Trade, Internal Migration, and Human Capital: Who Gains from India’s IT Boom?"

November 2: Yichen Su (Dallas Fed)
"The Geography of Jobs and the Gender Wage Gap"
(with Sitian Liu)

November 16: Cecile Gaubert (Berkeley)
"Place-Based Redistribution"
(with Patrick Kline and Danny Yagan)

December 7: Tobias Salz (MIT)
"The Value of Time: Evidence From Auctioned Cab Rides"
(with Nicholas Buchholz, Laura Doval, Jakub Kastl, and Filip Matejka)

December 14: Lindsay Relihan (LSE)
"Is Online Retail Killing Coffee Shops? Estimating the Winners and Losers of Online Retail using Customer Transaction Microdata"


Users can register at our webinar website to receive weekly invitations to these talks. Registration is only required once. Prior OSUS participants should register with the new Zoom link to gain access to the webinar and new calendar.


All seminars are 75 minutes long, with approximately 60 minutes for presentation, and 15 minutes for audience Q&A. Audience members are muted, with moderators unmuting audience members to ask substantive questions. Moderators ask clarifying questions directly.

You can contact the seminar organisers at osus@urbaneconomics.org.

About OSUS

OSUS was founded in June 2020 by Clare Balboni (MIT), Fabian Eckert (UCSD), Caitlin Gorback (NBER and U Texas), and Chris Severen (Philadelphia Fed) with the aim of bringing economists from various disciplines together to explore urban issues. OSUS is run by junior faculty and post-doctoral students on a revolving basis, with the aim of involving early-career academics in the broader urban economics community. The original website can be accessed at osus.info.