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Name Affiliation Country
Ladd, Daniel UC Irvine USA
Laferrère, Anne INSEE and CREST France
LaFountain, Courtney University of Texas at Arlington USA
Lafourcade, Miren Université Paris-Saclay (RITM) and Paris-School of Economics FRANCE
Lai, Fu-Chuan Academia Sinica Taiwan
Lakner, Christoph University of Oxford UK
Lambert, Thomas Norhtern Kentucky University USA
Lambie-Hanson, Lauren Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
Lambie-Hanson, Lauren Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia USA
Lambiri, Dionysia University of Southamtpon UK
Lamorgese, Andrea Bank of Italy Italy
Lang, Hao Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Langen, Mike University of Reading UK
Lanzara, Gianandrea University of Bologna Italia
Largey, Ann Dublin City University Ireland
Laroche, Florent University of Lyon France
Larson, William Federal Housing Finance Agency USA
Lasater, Deniz Bryant University United States
LAU, Joshua Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Architecture Hong Kong
Lazar, Cristina Mihaela Ovidius university of Constanta Romania
Le Frioux, Romuald CY Cergy Paris Université France
Le Gallo, Julie CESAER France
Lee, Hyojung Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies USA
Lee, Kwan Ok National University of Singapore Singapore
Lee, Munseob University of California San Diego United States
Lee, Rosa George Washington University United States
Lee, Sanghoon University of British Columbia Canada
Lee, Sun Kyoung Columbia University United States
Lee, Yong Suk Stanford University USA
Legras, Sophie INRA CESAER France
Lehnert, Andreas Federal Reserve Board of Governors USA
Leite, Vasco Faculdade de Economia do Porto Portugal
Lembcke, Alexander OECD Paris
Lemoy, Rémi University of Rouen France
Lenzi, Camilla Politecnico di Milano Italy
Leonard, Tammy University of Dallas US
Leong, Chee Kian University of Nottingham, Ningbo China China
Lepelle, Refilwe University of Cape Town South Africa
Leucht, Lukas UC Berkeley United States
Leung, Charles Ka Yui City Univ. of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Leung, David National Taiwan University Taiwan
Levasseur, Sandrine Sciences Po France
Levkovich, Or VU University Amsterdam Netherlands
Levy, Antoine MIT United States
Li, Jing Singapore Management University Singapore
Li, Jinxiong University of Minnesota USA
Li, Li Finance School of Hunan University China
Li, Qiang National University of Singapore Singapore
Li, Sijie University of Pittsburgh USA
Li, Xiaolu Nanyang Audit University China
Liang, Wen-Jung Tamkang University Taiwan
Liao, Wen-Chi University of Minnesota USA
Lichtenberg, Erik University of Maryland USA
Lim, Jaewon University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA
Lin, Desen University of Pennsylvania USA
Lin, Jeffrey Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia USA
Lin, Lan China
Lipscomb, Clifford Valdosta State University USA
Lisi, Gaetano University of Cassino and Southern Lazio Italy
Liu, Crocker Cornell University United States
Liu, Shimeng University of Southern California USA
Liu, Vivian London School of Economics United Kingdom
Liu, Yijiao Stony Brook University United States
Liu, Yingchun Fannie Mae USA
Liu, Yishen The George Washington University US
Livy, Mitchell The Ohio State University USA
Lobo, Thiago São Paulo School of Economics Brazil
Lodhi, Paimaan Real Estate Board of New York United States
Loikkanen, Heikki A. University of Helsinki Finland
Long, Xiao Renmin University (China), Aichi University(Japan) China
Loos, Jeroen Elsevier Netherlands
López, Héctor Andrés PhD student Universidad de Chile Chile
Lopez, Juan Carlos University of Denver United States
Lorbiecki, Michał University of Economics in Katowice Poland
Loumeau, Nicole ETH Zürich Switzerland
Lu, Bobby MTC USA
Lu, Yi National University of Singapore Singapore
Lucas, Vander Universidade de Brasilia Brazil
Lue, Bert University of Michigan USA
Luis, Herskovic University of Chicago USA
Luis, Mogas Tecnologico de Monterrey Mexico
Lukavec, Martin University of Economics, Prague Czech Republic
Lundberg, Johan Department of Economics, Umeå University Sweden
Luo, Xuan INSEAD Singapore
Luo, Yuxiang Harvard University USA
Lutz, Elena Catharina London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom
Lynch, Devon University of Massachusetts Dartmouth USA
Lyngemark, Ditte Håkonsson University of Copenhagen and Aalborg University Denmark
Lyons, Ronan Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin Ireland
Lyytikäinen, Teemu VATT Institute for Economic Research Finland

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