Urban Economics Association


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Name Affiliation Country
Earle, Doric Urban Economic Development USA
Eckert, Fabian UCSD United States
Economides, Nicholas Stern School of Business, New York University USA
Edwards, Mary St. Cloud State University USA
Eeckhout, Jan UPF Barcelona and GSE-ICREA Spain
Egsgaard, Aske Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research Denmark
Ehrl, Philipp University of Passau Germany
Ehrlich, Gabriel University of Michigan USA
El Makhloufi, Abdel Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences The Netherland
Elizabeth, Campbell University of Washington USA
Ellen, Ingrid United States
Elvery, Joel Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland USA
Ema, Eti-obong Nigeria
Embrey, Nick Fannie Mae United States
Emeghe, Ijeoma Jane University of Reading United Kingdom
Enache, Maria The Port Authority of NY and NJ United States
Eom, Hyunjoo University of Maryland United States
Epple, Dennis Carnegie Mellon University USA
Eriksen, Michael University of Cincinnati USA
Eshleman, Christopher Port Authority of New York and New Jersey USA
Espinoza, Eugenio Housing and Urban Development Ministry Chile
Estevez, Luis St Cloud State University United States
Exbrayat, Nelly GATE Lyon St-Etienne France

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