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Name Affiliation Country
O'Connor, Bradley Florida Association of Realtors USA
O'Donnell, Sharon U.S. Census Bureau, Housing and Household Economic Statistic Division USA
O'Loughlin, Caitlin Clemson University USA
O'Sullivan, Arthur Lewis & Clark College USA
O’Clery, Neave University College London United Kingdom
Oates, Wallace University of Maryland USA
Ochojski, Artur Univeristy of Economics in Katowice Poland
Oddou, Remy Université Paris Ouest France
Ogawa, Hikaru University of Tokyo Japan
Ogura, Laudo Grand Valley State University USA
Ohashi, Hiroaki PhD Course in Planning Studies, University College London United Kingdom
Okubo, Toshihiro University of Manchester UK
Oladiran, Olayiwola University of Reading United Kingdom
Olfert, Margaret Rose University of Saskatchewan Canada
Oliveira, Jaqueline Rhodes College USA
Oner, Ozge Research Institute of Industrial Economics & Jönköping International Business School Sweden
Ono, Yukako Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago USA
Ortalo-Magne, Francois London Business School UK
Osawa, Minoru Tohoku University Japan
Oshiro, Jun Okinawa University Japan
Osorio, Rene Inter-American Development Bank United States
Ossokina, Ioulia Eindhoven university of Technology The Netherlands
Oswald, Florian SciencesPo France
Ota, Mitsuru University of Tsukuba Japan
Otazawa, Toshimori Tohoku University Japan
Ottaviano, Gianmarco Bocconi University Italy
Ouazad, Amine HEC Montreal Canada
Oueslati, Walid Université d'Angers France
Overman, Henry LSE UK
Ozgen, Ceren VU University Amsterdam Netherlands
Ozkan, Ibrahim Enes Istanbul University Türkiye

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